Welcome to etopiei's portfolio...


I am etopiei and I am a developer, specialising in Javascript, CSS and HTML. I am also experienced with PHP and MYSL and adept at using Python and Java. You can check out some things I've made below and get in contact with me via social media or email.


rapp - A site to collobaratievly code with a partner.

The front-end written in javascript and the backend in go. This project aims to aid developers with Remote Agile Pair Programming.

itam - a site to watch free tv shows and movies from youtube.

itam was written in javascript, css and html.

LocalDNSRecord - Python script to create a record of IP addresses from Chrome history.

Written in python, designed to be run from the command line.

Prime Check - A python prime check built upon Fermat's Little Theorem and the AKS test.

While this test runs incredibly slow, it was a good excercise in maths with python.

Project LOC - A quick python script to count the LOC in a project.

This script recursively searches through the folder and counts each line with certain file extensions.


Github - @etopiei Twitter - @etopiei Blog - blog.etopiei.xyz Reddit - @etopiei LinkedIn - Lachlan Jacob